Of Westwood & Elbaz

Vivienne Westwood. Oh Vivienne you’re so fine. This whole collection just make me wanna be 4 all over again. Uh, paper crowns, Crayola moustaches, those blanket-somehow-made-into-dress dresses. I’m just so happy I could die. *cue the music please!*

Lanvin. Well, the girls looked like they just walked out of some tribal village somewhere in Africa. The models were sent out wearing identical wigs and looking like clones (that screams awesome). The clothes were impeccable, sleek, dramatic evening dresses, fur/feather-trimmed dresses and outerwears, dangerously sexy leather gloves and killer heels, those pleated lamé dresses, exaggerated shoulders, hardware accessories. Need I say more? The final looks were very tribal chic/ voodoo/ black magic or something like that. Goodjob Alber Elbaz!

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