It's my first ever Looklet styling contest and the theme for this week is Modern Grunge. You can submit only one look. Here's a sample look made by me:
  • Think Ke$ha, Taylor Momsen or Agyness Deyn
  • Use denim, a lot of them
  • Pile on accessories
  • Doc Martens or even a pair of Chuck Taylor
  • Studs & spikes
  • Something with sequins on it is always good to give the look that modern twist.

So comment and include a link to your look.
  • Deadline: 4th of February 2010
  • Winners will be announced on: 6th of February 2010


Welcome to my new blog!
The reason I create this blog is to express my love for fashion.
I will also be running a Looklet styling contest.
You Lookaholics can send me your looks via Looklet.
I will set a theme for you each week.
So just comment and include the link to your look.