So Paris kicked off a few days ago and here’s a round up of a few of the shows so far. *wink*
First up, Giles. Well, I really don’t have anything smart to say about Giles fall/winter 2010-11 collection. It’s was very 5th grade art project/Scooby Doo/Betty Draper on high/mod 60s housewives but yet very very sophisticated and grown-up and chic with the big hair and all. The first few looks where kinda blah but then came this egg-yolk-yellow-art-project-esque shift dress that kinda look like one of my art project( in a good way that is) and a couple of headpieces that would make Gaga go gaga. And then there were metallic poof jackets and the sequined mini shift dress*scream* and corals and bustier dresses and even plush toy-ish purses in the likes of gremlins and furballs*awwwh*. That’s all I have to say and below are some of my favorite looks from the show.

Moving on….

Balenciaga. Okay, this one, I don’t really get the idea. It’s constructional and architechual and modern but it doesn’t seem that wearable as the previous seasons. The first five looks were sorta like upholstered space suits (but I like the black one) then the silhouettes soften up a bit, still boxy but subtler, with a series of patchwork sweaters in pastels and horizontal lines, quilted vest dresses worn over mesh blouses. Round neck sweaters came with simple miniskirts with retro motives knitted into the fabric and and dresses with lace hemlines. But then came this unfortunate series of looks of mismatched word-printed fabrics that ruin the whole collection. But anyway, I absolutely love the shoes and the minimal makeup. Here’s my favorites.

Manish Arora. Holy United Colours of Benetton-meets-Bollywood! I’m almost blind now after seeing for this 5 times I guess. Nearly every piece in the collection was embroidered with crystals and beads. It was usual Manish Arora; quirky, exciting, neon colours, and the list goes on. Digital prints, plunging neckline, knee length dresses, jodphur pants, candy-coloured velvets, Louise Brooks-esque headdresses and fibre optics headphones were all seen on the show. Nuff said.
I can’t choose my favorites so here's the opener.

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