Congratulations to Looklet user uniimala for being the winner of this week's contest.
And here are the runners-up:
  1. D D
  2. kenanggretsya
  3. XanMar
  4. rinaa

Congrats once again for those who made it into this week's top 5 and for those who didn't made it you can try again in the next contest. These contests are just for fun so don't get mad at me if you didn't made the cut. Thanks for sending in your entries and responding towards my invites(even though some of you may think that I'm just advertising my blog). I'm off for a week because I got so many unsettled businesses to be settled a.k.a. school works*sigh* so I see you in two weeks with a brand new contest(hints: waves, umbrellas and sunscreens). BYE BYE!

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  1. Thank you for choosing me to be a 1st winner in this contest, muach ;)

  2. yippie,,I'm included top 5,,thanks!^^