So, the last challenge, I got really poor response. I think I sent out more than 100 invites to some random Looklet users but they might have thought that I'm just spamming their looks and walls. Anyways, I'm not disappointed at all (okay, maybe just a little) because the looks you've submitted are awesome. So The winner of the challenge is....
Look Image
Zaf of Zaf&Ida! The first thing I noticed when I saw this look was the shoes. You kinda have to have some skills to do that (haha). I love how the dress is layered under the body. However, on my opinion, the accessories are a bit distracting. I don't think the necklace is necessary because the bodice of the body is fancy enough and the bangles and the earrings should match the shoes. But still, it's a pretty look. Okay, enough babbling and let's get to the runners-up. This challenge's runners-up are:
Look ImageLook ImageLook ImageLook Image
(from top left) Looklet users Julietta, jenbojenbojeno, Ivana-Stephani and glitteryredshoes. I like Julietta's lingerie-inspired look because it looks very dark and mysterious and jenbojenbojeno's look reminded me of   a look from Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 collection. Ivana-Stephani's look is very Jeremy Scott-inspired and has that dressed up/sporty vibe and I like how glitteryredshoes mix textures and prints and silhouettes; a very architectual jacket paired with a flowy pleated jumpsuit. That's all for now and I want to congratulate all of you and thank you for submitting your looks. A new contest will be up soon.



  1. Congrats to all the winners (including me lol). Look forward to your next contest :D

  2. gongrats ZAF! shame noone else will join these contests :(

  3. thanks ikaa!
    congrats to Zaf anyway ! :P