Congratulations to Looklet user ellisya for creating the best look out of 11 entries. I personally thought that this look speaks for itself, it's grungy and modern at the same time. Anyway, here's the four runners-up:
5. NumZ

Congratulations to everyone for creating awesome looks for this contest. It's really hard to choose the winner because everyone hit it. Congrats again to everyone for being a winner! Thank you for your participation this time & for your responses towards my invitation. In a few hours I will post a new contest so don't forget to watch this blog out!


  1. Oh, my God!
    I'm so happy! Thank you so much!! :)
    And congratulaison for the winners! They are all fantastic! :D
    XoXo: Izzie

  2. OHMYGOOODDD thankyou sooo much!! :*:*
    i'm so excited :) make another contest honey ur great.